miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009

You get into my dreams
swimin' through blinkin' stars
while the music swings
and the blue sea sparks.

It's nice to know that
you still breathe
it's nice to feel
your far but real heat.

we are somewhere between
we are in everything within.

But by now it is
hard for me to tell
why I know you have
a cinnamon spicy smell.

Maybe it's because
I dream about you
or perhaps it's just
another wrong clue.

I'm gonna stop writting this
I can't avoid to feel like a clown
but I cant't hide the hope
of some day see you around.

1 comentario:

Chiriboshi dijo...

Me encantó

Eres delicioso

Te voy a morder por hacerme suspirar

Besos, muy sucios.