lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

We have all been secretly hypnotized. Yes you probably have, too,


you are one of those rare individuals who has never watched a

television program. Most people drift into a common, everyday trance

when they gaze into the light of the TV tube. Indirect hypnosis ma-

nipulates the minds of millions of unsuspecting viewers everyday.

Surreptitiously, subliminal persuasion leaves its mark upon the collec-

tive subconscious.

Ideas implanted by commercials affect the health

and behavior of all of us. We eat, drink, dress,

and make love based on

what we see and hear. Television has the power to lull the mind into a

state of exaggerated suggestibility, opening it up to behavior control

from the outside.

Billions of dollars are spent each year in the United States

to push

products we could live better without. lntelligence notwithstanditg,

we allow ourselves to be coerced into consuming products dumb

animals would run from: sleep inducers, fat reducers,

uppers, downers,

pain killers for every part of the body. TV, in fact, can train the brain

to anticipate pain even rvhen you feel fine.

Advertisers are well aware of the basic principles of hypnosis: (l)

Relaxation, (2) Concentration, and (3) Suggestion.

It's simple. As we

sit relaxed and concentrate on the light, we absorb the suggestions

directed at us. During such periods we are extremely vulnerable be-

cause we enter a hypnotic state of consciousness

(Alpha). Have you

noticed how often a commercial is repeated? This is another principle

of hypnosis. Repetition enforces suggestion and finally engraves the

behavior into the reflexes of the nervous system. The dictionary de-

fines habit this way: "An act or practice so frequently repeated as to

become relatively fixed in character and almost automatic in perform-



Every moment of the d"y and night, newspapers,

billboards, radio


and television commercials are implanting harmful habits

deeply into the mind. Inevitably,


become outer-directed instead



The average person spends

fifteen years of his life immobilized,

gazing at the television

tube with childlike faith in

what he is told.

Periodically, every few minutes,

day after day, specially-trained


ringing with sincerity,

assure us that their pills and

potions are the

panaceas' Some people

become so convinced by this



that they buy things they

never heard of...

Si quieres leer mas allá de esta introducción, aquí está el libro > > "How to hipnotize yourself"

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